Adam Smith Society Healthcare Trek – Testimonials

The Adam Smith Society Healthcare Trek was a unique opportunity to explore current issues from a free-market perspective.  Ross has given me the opportunity to learn how the healthcare system currently operates, but never a forum to discuss how it should function.  The Smith Soc conference was an intimate setting to learn from industry experts and fellow MBA students from across the country.  It was structured around different facets of the healthcare system: pharmaceuticals, payment models, politics, etc.  By breaking it down into smaller parts and bringing in experts with deep industry knowledge, the conference focused discussion on specific ways that free market concepts can improve the US healthcare system.  I would recommend applying for next year’s conference!

– Katie Redman, MBA 2017


Earlier this month I participated in one of the Adam Smith Society’s Smith Soc treks — this one was focused on healthcare. Going into the experience I had almost no expectations. I did not know anyone who participated in a trek previously, was a brand new Adam Smith Society member having signed up to apply for the trek, and I was unfamiliar with the speakers highlighted. The only expectation I had was to broaden my perspective on healthcare reform. As context, I had lived in the healthcare policy world for three years working at Avalere Health in Washington D.C. before coming to Ross, so I had some background on the trek topic.

The trek met and surpassed my one goal to broaden my perspective. The largest difference between the trek and taking healthcare classes at Ross was that we went beyond discussing facts by opening up the floor for real opinions. Notably, there was a diversity of backgrounds in the room that ranged from two doctors and a health insurance expect to industry entrepreneurs. Everyone participated in the conversations, and I learned from each person. In addition, we had impressive guest speakers. My favorite was the founder of 23andme — it was a memorable experience listening to a female leader in the industry talk about her experience and opinion on the direction of healthcare innovation and policy.

The awesome bonus about the trek was that I not only learned more about the healthcare industry, but I also learned about wine! It was my first time in Napa, and we had three hours free every afternoon to explore the area on our own…which made the evening sessions more entertaining. Overall, I enhanced my knowledge about healthcare policy, met impressive people, and had a lot of fun — I would definitely apply for a future trek if I could!

-Caitlin Delaney, MBA 2017





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